I help organizations to achieve purposeful, successful results through the development of profitable and valuable brands. The clients I have worked with include small, medium and larger companies, some of the world’s top brands, and national governments.

All my work is based around the creation, development and management of powerful brand strategies that build both business results and intangible asset value.

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Paul is a leading global expert on brand creation, development and management with over thirty years of experience in consulting and training. He has worked with leading companies and governments and is well known for his practical and results-oriented approach.

Paul has published widely in many journals and media. He has featured in mainstream global media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, China Daily, Sunday Times of India, CNBC and multiple e-media. He has also authored some of the world's best-selling books on branding and marketing, and is a much sought-after speaker in the conference circuit.

Paul is an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School and Green Templeton College in the University of Oxford, and a Visiting Professor at Peking University HSBC Business School, China. He was educated at Leeds and Oxford Universities in the UK, and holds Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees in Management.  He also holds a degree in Economics and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

Brands are strategic assets that bring both power and financial rewards Paul Temporal


Private Sector Clients include...

Bank of China; BP; Business Week; Carlsberg; Coca-Cola Corporation; Credit Suisse; Dubai World Trade Centre; Dunhill; Economist Group, Goldman Sachs; Intel; Kao; Mercedes Benz; McKinsey & Company; Marie Claire; Microsoft; Motorola; MTV; Ogilvy; Panasonic; Petronas; Renault; Rolls Royce; Singapore Telecoms; Suzuki; Unilever; Volvo; Westpac.

I have also worked with a wide variety of small and medium size companies in many countries.

Public Sector Clients include...

ADB, APEC, ASEAN, EU, GCC, OIC, UNCTAD, UAE, World Bank, and the Governments of Brunei, Canada, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.


If you would like to discuss your brand, please email ME at: Paul@paultemporal.com